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How can i conect the studiologic mp127 to my yamaha psr s670. I have 5 months i bougth and i have not play help me please

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How conect the studiologic mp117 to my yamaha keyboard psr s670.
I bougth 6 months ago and i could not conect i used 5 pins conector and i do not hear any sound. Help me please

Posted : 11/03/2021 12:04 am
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I'm not sure you will get an answer here.

The PSR-S670 is not a synth but an arranger. The forum is about Yamaha synth not about arrangers.

Posted : 11/03/2021 8:00 am
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Out to in. In to out.

Configure the StudioLogic to transmit on the receiving channel of the PSR.

Posted : 11/03/2021 8:03 am
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Default channel is announced to be channel 1.

To change MIDI channel, hold the MIDI CHANNEL button and enter the channel number by the numeric keypad. Then release the MIDI CHANNEL BUTTON. Now the pedalboard is sending on that channel.

Further instructions...

What a piece of pedalboard !!!!
And how funny...I am using my keyboard without any...
Still not needing them, just arranging the decay, release, reverb...etc for each wave and really very happy so far...
In fact, I found it truly outstanding the fact of hearing (making/producing) such a number of detail, articulations, mixtures via just the keyboard (not moving anything, since it was previously arranged: no sliders, no knobs) and nothing but the keyboard, the keyboard and the keyboard. I am loving it.

Posted : 11/03/2021 2:29 pm

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