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Is the Yamaha P125 USB MIDI Class Compliant??

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I have Yamaha P125 question and don't know where on this site I can ask the question.. so, I'm using this category to ask the question:

Does anyone know if the Yamaha P125 is USB Midi Class Compliant??

Posted : 09/11/2018 11:09 pm
Bad Mister
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This is the Synthesizer site (P-125 is a digital piano)

Please see the following: P-125 iOS connection

Posted : 09/11/2018 11:36 pm
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Ummmmm....notice that I asked my question in the "Non-synth--Off Topic" category? Also, I guess my question stumped you? You were not able to answer the question directly. I figured the answer to my question would only a require a simple "yes" or 'no" answer. Thanks anyway. 😉

Posted : 10/11/2018 3:27 pm
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Not the answer, but a start:

2/3/2021 - Edited the link. Was:

Leaving the broken one since indexed it.

... and the main reason I provided the link was so one could see:

NOTE: This list does not cover the full spectrum of Yamaha Keyboards, Digital Pianos etc If a model is not listed (and it was introduced after 2011) contact Yamaha Support ( 714-522-9000 option 3) for confirmation of the model in question.

And call the number (if it still exists) and press the number (if it still is valid - or if the menus have changed) and see how far one gets following the FAQ's guidance.

Posted : 10/11/2018 11:38 pm
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I think the answer is no.
The Yamaha P-125 needs the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver.

Posted : 03/02/2021 9:55 pm

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