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Yamaha Clavinova CSP-150 & Cubase

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I tried to use my Clavinova CLP-150 with DAW software CUBASE but I did not succeed to find how to select different sounds. I found a significant list of midi instrument available in Cubase to easy control of voices but I do not find the CSP series or CLP.
It's possible to import a configuration via an XML file but I did not find it on internet.
Do have any suggestion how to proceed ?

Many thanks

Posted : 30/01/2021 9:49 am
Bad Mister
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Hi Richard,
Welcome to Yamaha Synth — as you may have guessed this site supports Yamaha Synthesizers (MONTAGE, MODX, MX, reface) and the Stage Keyboards (CP, YC). And although Yamaha does own Steinberg and we do make the CLP-150, getting direct support on the CLAVINOVA line is best handled through that department at Yamaha ... Yamaha is a very large musical ship, and although the CLP-150 and Cubase are items on this music vessel, they are covered (in depth) in an entirely different area of the ship. We do try to at least point folks in the right direction... when we can...

Here’s what I know...
The CLP-150 (2002) is a Clavinova (Digital Piano), which I would imagine has an “XG Voice” engine for multi-timbral sounds. What this means is — If you don’t find a MIDI Device script for your particular device (not surprising as it goes back to a time even before Yamaha owned Steinberg)... if you select “XG Device” this will, at least, let you select sounds from the “XG Voice library” of the CLP. (It will not, however, include the front panel CLP Voices).

The XG Voice Library is a standardized arrangement of sound programs, itemized according to the standard GM program change listing, but utilizes parallel Banks to allow for a variety of programs under each Program Change. All XG compatible products would feature a similar set of programs.

What to do
I would reach out to the Keyboard Department (Clavinova) for further information concerning a script for your specific model (I do see listings for, several Clavinova CVP-models). You can reach them in your area - listed in the back of your instrument’s Owner’s Manual. They may have information on any script (XML) files made for your model... I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any.

Hope that helps. You can certainly operate without a MIDI Device script, and your CLP-150 should respond to all properly prepared GM and/or XG Files, just as it is now.

Posted : 30/01/2021 1:49 pm
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I am sorry but I did a typing error. My mdel is CSP-150 that is not so old and could be managed by and Ipad.
Many thanks for your feedback but I already tried XG Voice solution and my target is really to be able to use CSP-150 voices as I use it inside SmartPianist.
I discovered few minutes ago a possibility to use a Patch file (TXT file) to drop in the script folder of Cubase and the closest VOICES list of Yamaha devices is the GENOS.
I already downloaded this file from Yamaha website and I will try some test tomorrow.
Since this file is available for GENOS, I suppose it could be also the case for the CSP-150 or CSP170.
I would appreciate if you could ask the Keyboard Departement.

Thanks for your help.

Posted : 30/01/2021 11:20 pm

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