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Yamahasynth Forum: Dealing w/Spam (Request)

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Ideally, somehow the signal-to-noise ratio would be improved (more signal, less noise).  But assuming spam is something we're facing for the long haul:


I wonder if there's a way to allow ignoring threads.  That would help me see the latest valid previous topics after ignoring the invalid (spam) ones.  If this is possible, it would be great if the "report" feature would automatically ignore the thread after reporting.  This way there's just one thing to do and automatically these reported threads are thrown in the bit bucket for the reporter(s).


This is more of a workaround -- but today the recent posts were filled with spam with no "real" thread in the first page.  I take it the ability to ignore threads may be beneficial for even non-spam topics in the future (even without reporting).

Posted : 02/04/2024 6:59 pm
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BTW: the "time to edit" seems fairly aggressive.  I was able to edit but then when I tried to save the edits, it told me I exceeded the time to edit.   Not a huge deal.


At any rate - the edit would be I did some research and see ignoring is a requested wpForo feature but does not seem to be implemented yet.  Maybe an international company that makes boat motors, generators, motorcycles, and instruments can influence wpForo's roadmap.

Posted : 02/04/2024 7:11 pm
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But assuming spam is something we're facing for the long haul:

Unfortunately based on the history with both the previous and now the 'almost ready for prime time' new forum Yamaha doesn't seem to put much of a value on the forums.

The spam threads that have been posted are so obvious that an untrained intern could identify them.

That 'long haul' will be the norm Until Yamaha annoint/appoints someone who has the responsibility to check the forums once a day to identify and remove SPAM posts.

It seems likely to me that Blake has brought this to management's attention multiple times in the past and has basically been ignored.

The fact that Yamaha took down the old forum before the new forum had even been completed and tested in a pretty good indication of the low value they place on the forums.





Posted : 02/04/2024 8:17 pm
Blake Angelos
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I think we have the main issues solved now. The trick is filtering spam but not filtering it so much that it blocks legitimate posts. Moving forward now. 

Posted : 05/04/2024 4:56 pm

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