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Global Stage: Jens Skwirblies and the YC Series

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Check it out here!

Posted : 25/04/2022 2:46 pm
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I think you may have mistakenly posted this under 'MONTAGE Series Synthesizers', unless maybe there is no separate forum for YC series synths; However I will take this opportunity to mention a YamahaSynth Ideascale that I added somewhat recently, which relates to the YC series synths as is pertains to Organ modelled rotary effects.

Here is my idea:
Improved Rotary Simulation Effect Modeled after YC Rotary Effect

Basically my request is this ... "Please provide a new Rotary Effect modeled after the YC Rotary effects called 'Rotary Speaker 3' or 'Rotary Speaker YC', with added control and improved realism in the emulation of an actual Hammond B3.

Currently the closest I have found to the Yamaha YC Rotary Effects emulation, or to other competitors, including modeling based Hammond Organs / Leslie Tone Cabinets, are the Organimation Organ Performances whereby they use 2 x 'Rotary Speaker 1' effects. A single 'Rotary Speaker 1' or 'Rotary 2 Speaker' effect is not a close enough emulation, especially when compared to other products including Yamaha's YC series."

If you would like to see this as an enhancement/feature/new effect in a future OS update, please Up Vote my idea on ideascale! 😉

Posted : 25/04/2022 3:01 pm

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