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Lost All Sound?

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Sorry if this is a 'Montage 101' question:

Since Yesterday I've lost all output sounds completely on my Montage!

Don't know if I've accidently pressed a button when I put my headphones down accidently touching the screen

Along with no sounds or response from keyboard, The superknob doesn't now respond (color change) and no scenes apart from scene 1 respond with a blue light

I have spotted that the 'quick setup' icon (the piano keys icon at the top) is 'greyed out' with a diagional line through it...but maybe that's always like that ? ...I don't know

Anyone know what I've done or is there a problem here?

Posted : 08/04/2023 7:01 am
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Solved! headphones had knocked 'local control' to 'off'

Posted : 08/04/2023 7:20 am

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