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M8X - Use Shift -> Show Value to display actual parameter values for parameters on both sub and main displays

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The fact you haven't seen this discussed in any of the demos out there should tell you just how easy it can be to miss something that is going to be REALLY important in using this beast.

While changing parameter values on either the sub or main display you will notice that you often don't see the actual value of the parameters.

In general the actual parameter values are not displayed on either the sub display or the main display when you use the sub display knobs to change parameter values. You just see changes to the graphics.

Refer to page 404 of the ops doc - the graphic is the main display of 'Filter / Amp -> Filter Type' for an INIT NORMAL (AN-X).

Notice the 'Cutoff' text at the bottom left and that the lower 'Cutoff' dial in the display is bright while the upper dial is dim. The lower dial is the selected one. There is a knob beneath that text that will affect that lower/highlighted Cutoff dial.

If you move the knob the text will be replace by the actual knob value as you keep moving the knob. When you stop moving the knob the value will disappear and be replaced by the text. Once the value disappears the only way to see the value is to actually move the knob.

You can press 'Shift Jump' to display the parms on the sub display and it will show BOTH filter type graphs on the screen and will
have two knobs below the display labeled 'Cutoff' - one for each filter.

If you move these knobs you don't see the actual parameter value on either the sub display or the main display. If you move a main display knob 'ever so slightly' then the text for that knob will be replaced by the value for that parameter.

But after a second or two the value is again replaced with the text.

Refer to page 407 for the 'Filter EG' display. The Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters operate in the same manner described above. That is changes made on the sub display never show a value on either screen and when changes are made on the
main display the value disappears about a second or two after you stop moving the knob.

The 'secret' is to use the new 'SHOW VALUE' button. This is shown in red below the UTILITY button and that means that you press the SHIFT key and the button at the same time.

When you do this you will see ALL of the parameter values, rather than the pretty graphics, on both the sub and main displays. These values are the actual parm values - that is, they are NOT final values with any offsets applied.

And, yes, the shift and utility buttons are conveniently located so you can use ONE HAND to hold them both down. That lets you see all of the values while your other handles twiddles away on the two sets of knobs!

It's nice to be able to see the filter graphics change in real-time as you twiddle the knobs, especially for filter resonance and cutoff. But seeing the actual values also gives a much better feel for just how the values change over the full range given that some of the curves are exponential. A lot easier to see that a change of 5 in one area effects a much bigger change than a 5 in a different area of the curve.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

The docs don't really give this feature the attention I think it deserves. I can't find it, or a screen shot, in the ops doc at all and the quick guide only has this

This calls up the UTILITY screen where you can change the overall settings for the MONTAGE M.
Pressing this button while holding down the [SHIFT] button shows the values on the Main display or the Sub display if
there are any values not shown graphically.

That 'any values not shown graphically' is misleading since the values display and for those parms that ARE shown graphically rather than as a value.

Make sure you check this out for both screens because you will use it quite a bit.

Hope they gave a raise to whoever came up with this.

Posted : 21/10/2023 7:09 pm

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