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Onboard Amp and Cab sim effects quality on MODX Plus, Montage and Montage M compared to other workstations

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Hi! I am in search for my new keyboard workstation for home/studio use just to work on ideas for songs without the need to switch the computer on. I wonder which keyboard workstation has the best (most realistic) sounding amp and cab sims onboard. I am particularly asking about high gain sounds. I wonder how MODX Plus, Montage or Montage M compare in this department to the other workstations like Kurzweil K2700, Roland Fantom, KORG Nautilus and AKAI MPC Key 61. In standalone mode (without connecting it to computer) AKAI has Air Amp Sim Plugin onboard. I wonder, since it's a plugin, if it sounds more real than the ones on other hardware workstations mentioned above. I would slighty prefer Korg Nautilus because it is the only one that supports streaming from HD so the RAM size ain't an issue but am not sure about the sims onboard. And since all these keyboards can load user sounds/libraries, I don't care about the onboard electric guitar samples quality. Thanks!

Posted : 21/10/2023 1:51 pm

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