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MONTAGE "Smooth Guitar" - A Motif XF Conversion

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Bad Mister does it again! Check out the latest Performance conversion.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Posted : 30/11/2017 9:52 pm
Bad Mister
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Suggested: simple 4 Bar groove (shown below: Chord analysis by Yamaha Chord Tracker App); Play the following Chords in the left hand to control Drums, Bass, and Rhythm Guitar...

Posted : 01/12/2017 8:44 am
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Thank you Phill and Cassie πŸ˜‰

Posted : 01/12/2017 6:17 pm
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The jewel for me in this one was the Qntz Strength 100 and the 160 Grid.... so much more to work with than just swing. Its like I just doubled the arps to play with.... Needed the swings .... the new found rhythms are very nice to play with.

Question: How does the Sync Quantize setting (top by Arp Master) impact when playing either with swing, or Qntz Strength : Arp/MS Grid? Not sure I am hearing changes when I play with Sync Quantize setting when playing with the Grid and the swing values.

Man this is cool... swinging Motion Controls.... 2 vs 3 ... is where its at. 9/8 New Performances and Tunes based on this new found swing / combos.

Posted : 01/12/2017 9:40 pm
Bad Mister
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The parameter for Arp SYNC QUANTIZE, has to do with positioning the beginning of the next Arpeggio - when you have an Arpeggiator active and are changing and controlling them, the SYNC QUANTIZE if Off will start the next Arp immediately, if you set a Sync Quantize value, you can better control *where* the Arp phrase sits in the timing...

For example, you can get some awesome phrase variations by offsetting the timing of an Arp phrase - say you turn a rhythm guitar phrase β€œinside out” by instead of starting it on the down beat, you set SYNC QUANTIZE to an eighth note (240) and purposefully start it on the β€˜and of 1’. The Sync Quantize can make it easier to nail that 240th clock tick.

As you know Arps do not just start, the Arp Master and Part Arp Switches must be armed and then a Note-on event must trigger the start. Arps can be set to automatically β€œhold” or you can manually hold the keys or use the sustain pedal to have the Arp continue. In a case where you are manually controlling the Arp this β€œSync Quantize” can be very useful for positioning the start of your phrase properly. Try starting the rhythm guitar on the upbeat, no Sync Quantize means your get no help... Sync Quantize to 240 means you’ll sound great, immediately... meaning the Quantize will help you land the phrase start on the 240th clock tick... you just have to be β€œclose”.

Arps can also be set to only play when you are engaging the keys but instead of restarting each time you retrigger keys, it picks up wherever in the phrase it would be... like it is running silently in the background and you simply hear it only when you engage Keys. In this case Arp Sync Quantize only helps position that very first trigger encounter...

You normally think of Quantize as effecting each event directly... moving some events a little bit while moving other events a lot... this Sync Quantize really only effects the *start of the phrase*... the distance between the events in an Arp phrase always stays consistent. They all move forward or back together. The distance between all notes in the Arp phrase always remains the same... You are simply aligning the phrase by positioning the start of the phrase. In other words, say you have Sync Quantize OFF and you are 45 clock ticks late... the phrase, and every note in the phrase will always be 45 clock tick off the beam. The spacing between the notes remains consistent... this is why the Sync Quantize can assist you in your accuracy of *starting* Arp phrases. (There are no small mistakes in missing the beat with Arpeggio phrases... it’s consistent, if wrong, it will be consistently wrong... which is a good thing, I guess)!

Offsetting, Unit Multiplying, Velocity, Gate Time, Arp Grid, the 10,000 phrases become many, many times that number!

Posted : 02/12/2017 1:11 pm
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Very cool, turn the beat around. Gotta love Thursdays...., Thx again!!

Posted : 02/12/2017 3:10 pm

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