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How to detect the publication date of technical articles about Montage?

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In other words, how to know what are the latest published?

It's since a while that I'm archiving the articles on YamahaSynth about Montage (there's plenty!). Usually I copy images and texts and paste them in a MSWord file, then I edit the formatting, change font with Arial Narrow 10pt etc. My goal would be making an Italian translation, one day...
In the meantime I try to study them whie I'm fumbling on the Montage. 😀

All that said, browsing the Learn section, I realized that I inadvertently let the MONTAGE MIDI Settings article get away... How can I avoid to browse al the pages to find articles that I still have to read out?

By the way. now I see that MONTAGE MIDI Settings article is on top, but few years ago was buried among the others.

Posted : 17/05/2018 7:57 pm
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You can subscribe to the RSS feed for the "Learn" section.

If you look at the RSS feed, there is a field "PubDate" which shows when the article was published.

The RSS feed for only Montage is:

This is subject to change since the links have been going through transition. The numeric prefix "102-" in this case, and was "34-" for the forums have been coming and going which has been messing with the SEO for yamahasynth.

Just in case the link changes - get the RSS feed by:

1) Pressing"Learn"
2) Find an article that is Montage related - below the title will be the category "MONTAGE" - click on that
3) This brings you to a feed of only Montage articles -- click on the "Subscribe to this feed" button.

You may need an RSS reader or service to really "subscribe".

Posted : 17/05/2018 9:31 pm
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Thanks Jason... I subscribed to the service... so, let's see what happens 😉

Posted : 18/05/2018 8:44 pm

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