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Some clarity please on release dates because the wolves are out

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Dear Yamaha / Bad Mister,

Please could there be some more transparency on delivery dates and estimations regarding the Montage in Europe and particularly the UK.

Currently there are a number of retailers that are using what I would refer to as unscrupulous techniques such as advertising far earlier delivery dates than that of their rivals to then only to notify the customer at the last minute (few days before delivery) that they are unable to fulfil the order as advertised and expect delivery at the end of the month. Please bear in mind that we as customers would have parted with £2250.00 at this point to be told that the goods are not available.

Also in the UK the price of the Montage is steady fluctuating as such it was first pitched at £2200.00 and then went to 2250.00 and it’s now at £2,325.00 and that’s before we have had any delivery. Seems like the perceived ‘scarcity’ is driving the price up and again the cynic in me would suggest such a technique is taken from chapter 1 of the book ‘Marketing 101 – Creating a buzz’.

In my years as a consumer I have never seen anything like this and the retailer sharks are attempting to exploit customers openly. We need protection please Yamaha.

I would ask Yamaha to please make an announcement (on their website) in regards to when they are able to fulfil orders as this will stop retailers from taking advantage of the consumers who are ultimately trusting of the Yamaha brand. If we know that delivery is September we can all hold off until then and hopefully that will keep the price down for early adopters who after all help the Yamaha business model no end.

Posted : 02/06/2016 1:01 pm
Bad Mister
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This is well off topic for this forum. I suggest you contact Yamaha in the UK directly, I will include their information below. You addressed this to Yamaha and me, personally, so I will respond. I hope you understand that each Yamaha distributor handles the allocation of instruments for their particular region of the world. And they would have the information you are requesting. I'm afraid I know nothing about what you are speaking.

I have no idea how retail works in the UK, and will not comment on this because, again, that is going to be a regional thing based on the rules and laws that govern such things. As to the pricing of items, this is very much influenced/determined by your region of the world. Please reach out to Yamaha UK... They will be able to answer your questions (with knowledge) of what you are speaking.

Yamaha Music Europe
Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes
TEL: 01908-366700

Hope that is helpful.

Posted : 02/06/2016 6:06 pm
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I ordered my Montage 8 on the 19th of April and it arrived on the 28th of May so they are definitely in the UK, I got mine from

Posted : 03/06/2016 9:37 am
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I sympathise with this plea - I attempted to order a Montage 7 from on the 16 May (a holiday, naturally!) including an enquiry about part exchange, and chased it up on the 19 May, receiving a reply the same day to say they didn't do part exchange but not mentioning the Montage order. I replied on that day that the order stood and when could I expect delivery. I heard nothing until, on the 24 May, I had an email from (I live in France) to say they didn't do part exchange (which I already knew), but still not mentioning my order. So I re-ordered by email, asking about delivery, and got an answer that I had to place the order through and I might get delivery in September. This is nowhere near good enough, so I emailed yesterday asking for a delivery date for a Montage 8 instead of a Montage 7. So far there has been no response to that - but I'm not about to commit up to €4K euros without a guaranteed delivery date, and I'm rapidly going off the idea of buying one at all until I can get it by return.

Posted : 04/06/2016 3:07 pm

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