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How does the Audio Beat Sync ACTUALLY work??

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Okay, I’ve seen multiple videos touting the Audio Beat Sync function, including only one that actually shows the settings for that. I’ve looked through the manual and at the online tutorials for the MODX, but nothing there really explains HOW to use theAudio Beat Sync. I’m beyond frustrated!

I’m trying to Sync an arpeggio to my band’s drummer, but the arpeggio never recognizes tempo changes. All the connections are correct and all the internal MODX settings match what was described in the one video I could find that actually shows that.

SOLVED! See reply below

Posted : 27/10/2019 5:52 pm
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Okay, got it to work, FINALLY, through trial and error.
Thanks, Yamaha, for vague and incomplete information in your manuals and video tutorials .... :/ (sarcasm)

1) First you have to switch on the A/D input and turn the volume up (so the MODX 'hears' it)
2) Select your Performance, choose the Part, and go into the [Edit] function
3) Select [Utility] > {Tempo Settings}
4) Under the [Sync] tab, select "A/D In"

THEN, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial from Yamaha Synth:

Posted : 27/10/2019 7:08 pm

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