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Mixing Reface CP Sounds ?

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I'm a new owner of a Reface CP:

Woud I be correct in assuming that there is no 'clever' way to mix two (or poss more) different Reface CP sounds ?... for example: 'Rd1 mixed with some CP'

Posted : 31/03/2019 9:09 am
Bad Mister
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No. You can purchase a second refaceCP — The reface instruments explore specific lengendary keyboards — all of which were one sound each. Back in the day a Rhodes made one sound, a Clavinet made one sound, an organ made one sound, etc., Part of the charm of these instruments in their prime was they did one thing really well. Layering, back in the day, was what MIDI was invented for...

Posted : 31/03/2019 9:59 am

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