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SynthBits: Floyd Steinberg and the QY100

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In the spirit of slight and light humour, I think c was doing a "Who is John Galt" paraphrase.

Posted : 19/05/2022 12:01 am
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More QY100 you want?

With a QY70, too!?

Of course:

Posted : 19/05/2022 2:22 pm
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Something wrong with web backend sorting. Recommended posts for this, and many other posts for Montage/MODX, are showing ONLY posts for YC boards:

Posted : 23/05/2022 1:28 pm
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The linked article has the tags:

Tags: #SynthTips #MONTAGE SynthTips #MODX SynthTips

... and at the bottom of the article are only YC articles as recommended articles. The suggested articles themselves have the generic "#SynthTips" tag as the first tag. I'm guessing the order of the tags gives some weight to the matching. And perhaps having the first tag as "#MONTAGE SynthTips" would match Montage articles instead of YC first.

All of this is speculation.

As an example of a better behaving article:

This one doesn't use the generic "#SynthTips" tag at all and does a much better job of suggesting related articles (both MODX and Montage).

Posted : 23/05/2022 3:51 pm
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Who is Floyd?

Today youtube suggested, through the magic of Google's algorithms, that I take a look at one of his videos.

Think he's made the best introductory video to FM Synthesis, ever.

Spoiler alert: FM Synthesis is not FM synthesis.

And if you don't have 13 minutes for that, here's the ultimate spoiler:

Posted : 26/05/2022 1:57 am
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