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  3. Monday, 09 April 2018
Am I correct that my BC3 can be assigned as a controller to some or all Elements of VOICES on my ES ? I am working with the voices on the Virtual Acoustic Plug-In board which are amazing, however, think I might want also want to make a few Poly-ensemble orchestra effects and swells with breath control.....I thought I might (in your terms) move from snorkeling thru presets to diving into controller and element settings.......Would you recommend that I work through VA model or start with basic ES voice controllers to do this?
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Breath Control (cc02) is a standard MIDI channel message, specifically a CONTROL CHANGE message.

Like cc01 (Mod Wheel) or cc04 (Foot Control) it does not have a fixed function... you can assign it to any number of things.
Basically, don’t overthink it... anything you might do with a MW or a FC can be done with BC. This means you can control Volume, Pan position, Filter Cutoff, etc., etc., etc. The only difference between Breath Control and any of the other controllers is *how* it is applied... by applying breath pressure to a moveable diagram using air blown into a mouthpiece/tube. It applies values 0-127.

You can, like any controller, apply partial or full control over a parameter. If, for example, you want to control the full volume of a sound to BC, you must program the normal Voice Volume or Element Level to 0, so that only when pressure is applied to the mouthpiece is output allowed.

If you do not set the output to 0, then note-on velocity will determine sound output level, and BC can be used to increase that level (apply a positive value) or decrease that level (apply a negative value).

Full or partial control is programmable.
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