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Scott Brackett: RSVP (Retro Synth Video Program) Part 1

The Brackett is Backett with the RSVP Series!
If you've checked out YamahaSynth you probably have seen the work of Scott Brackett. He has contributed lots of cool content like his cool Instagram posts (see here and here), his "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking Series" with MODX and his Behind the Synth episode featuring partner-in-crime Chris Wellock. His stuff is so hip and unique that we asked him to contribute Performances and the Pattern "Space is Fine" as part of the content for MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MODX OS v2.0 releases. 

Now Scott is back with the RSVP (Retro Synth Video Program) series focusing on his experience with the Yamaha CX5M and C1 Music Computers from the 1980s. Check out Part I of this entertaining series below: 

Ready to move on to Part 2? Find it here!

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