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Synthbits: Power DX7 and the Classic Sounds of the 80s!

Synthbits: Power DX7 and the Classic Sounds of the 80s!
YouTube User "Power DX7" nails the sweet synth sounds of classic 80s hits with his masterful DX7 programming.

We found this gem and knew it had to be shared. It's amazing how integral the DX7 sound is to these classic hits. Did you know that you can convert all these great sounds into MONTAGE format using our handy cloud-based FM Converter app?

Take your broken wings to the final countdown and open your heart to these DX7 voices: They will take your breath away!

Did you enjoy this taste of the 80s? Share your thoughts and ask questions about how you can reproduce with your MONTAGE on the Forum here.

And stay tuned for more tasty tidbits of Synth!
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