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Synthbits: Yamaha DX7 - The Synthesizer that Defined the 80s

Synthbits: Yamaha DX7 - The Synthesizer that Defined the 80s
The DX7 was the sound of the 80s. Enjoy this way back Wednesday flavor of Synthbits!
From the excellent YouTube music documentarian Polyphonic comes this great video all about the legendary DX7. The sounds of the DX7 - especially the electric piano, synth basses and bell sounds - were used time and time again in hits of the 80s. With the FM Cloud Converter app those classic FM sounds not only live again but take on new life in MONTAGE with deep realtime control, powerful DSP and resonant filters. But it all started with the DX7. Check out the video below:
 Want to share your experiences with the DX7? Join the conversation on the Forum here.

And stay tuned for more tastes of Synths to come!
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