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Synth History: SY99 with Dom Sigalas

Dom explores the SY Series flagship.

Released in 1991, the SY99 was the SY series flagship. It used RCM synthesis (Realtime Convolution and Modulation) synthesis combining AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) and 6 Operator AFM (Advanced Frequency Modulation) Synthesis. RCM’s unique modulation capabilities enabled AWM samples as modulation sources for the AFM engine.

The SY99 featured a few significant upgrades over its sibling, the SY77:
  • A larger 76 note keyboard with zoned aftertouch (channel aftertouch programmable to affect notes played either above or below a split point independently)
  • Three times the amount of AWM waveforms (2 Mb in SY77 and 8 Mb in SY99)
  • 500 Kb of battery-backed user sample RAM, expandable to 3 Mb
  • Upgraded SPX900 level multi effects
  • Upgraded master keyboard functionality
Check out Dom’s tour of this legendary instrument below:

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