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SynthBits: Floyd Steinberg and the QY100

Using QY as the main sequencer in a hardware system.

Yamaha released the QY100, the final product of the QY Series of sequencer/tone generator products in the year 2000. The QY100 featured a tone generator with 547 Voices, 22 drum kits, 4000 musical phrases, 128 patterns, an A/D input for routing external audio sources to built-in effects, a keypad for note entry and SmartMedia card slot for saving and loading data. It was a powerful music creation device the size of a video tape (if you remember what those were!)

Many people still use the QY for its powerful onboard sequencing features. One such power user is Floyd Steinberg. The video below shows QY100 as the main sequencer for Floyd’s synthesizer rig. He shows you workflow and setup and then creates a cool groove. Check it out below!

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