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About Soundmondo

What can you do with Soundmondo?

For music makers interested in expressing their personality through sound, Soundmondo is a social sound-sharing community for creating, sharing and exploring synthesizer sounds.  Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or just starting your synth exploration, Soundmondo has an intuitive workflow making it easy to use and best of all, free!



Experience music of the world with sound! Browsing Soundmondo puts you on a sonic journey you can hear and play on your own instrument!


Got a great sound? Save it on Soundmondo! When you CREATE a sound, you're not only saving it so you can recall it later, you can tag it, give it a description, attach a Soundcloud audio file or YouTube video and choose to share with the world or just keep it private!


For reface DX, Soundmondo provides a full editor you can use to access all the available FM parameters. See an entire sound in a single patch, and use your computer keyboard to type names, enter values and navigate different functions.


SYNC puts an on-demand sound designer at your disposal 24/7 by showing you how to recreate a sound. Just BROWSE to a sound, select it, hit SYNC and that sound is now in your connected keyboard! 

Better yet, a virtual panel with the sound settings appear and guide you on how to recreate the sound. Simply match your instrument's panel to the virtual panel, and you've recreated the sound. Soundmondo will even highlight the controls it thinks are different to help you in your recreation!

Much of the time, you'll find an even cooler sound along the way! When you do, just hit CREATE, give it a name, save and hit SYNC again to see how that sound is created.


Set Lists let you group your sounds into collections for use at gigs, your own categorization scheme or recording sessions.


Collect your favorite sounds made by others! Every time you "favorite" or "+1" a sound, it's added to your favorites. This is a great way to give a virtual "shout out" to your Soundmondo friends!


WebMIDI is the technology that makes Soundmondo possible by taking the MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) technology directly to the web. WebMIDI lets you connect your instrument directly to your compatible browser without having to install any drivers or middleware.

It's truly plug and play!
Connecting reface to DAW
Soundmondo FAQs

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