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Connect v1.2


The latest version of MONTAGE Connect and MODX Connect v1.2 is available. New features include support for Cubase 11 and 12 and Ableton Live 11. Mac OS versions are now compatible with both OS 11 Big Sur and OS 12 Monterey.

Connect is a convenient tool allowing data transfer between your computer and the MONTAGE, MODX and MODX+. Performances, including Songs and Patterns created on the instrument, can be transferred to your computer for further production in a DAW. Connect works as both a VST3 and AU plug-in within a compatible DAW. It also works and standalone software.

For a complete list of DAWs compatible refer to the release notes in the download package.

Connect is available for free at the links below:

MONTAGE Connect v1.2 for Mac OS
MODX Connect v1.2 for Mac OS (Supports MODX and MODX+)
MONTAGE Connect v1.1.1 for Windows
MODX Connect v1.2 for Windows (Support MODX and MODX+)
Nicholas Semrad on MODX+
Synth History: CP70M with Xantoné Blacq

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