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Introducing Alfa Mist with Yussef Dayes!

Introducing Alfa Mist with Yussef Dayes!
We are thrilled to introduce a new member to the Yamaha Synths family, East London native Alfa Mist.

Live music is what Yamaha is all about, and we're fortunate enough to stage some truly amazing live performances. We are extremely proud to collaborate with Red Bull to shine a spotlight on two of the UK's most in demand emerging artists, Alfa Mist & Yussef Dayes. Alfa, along with his MONTAGE will accompany Yussef Dayes with his Yamaha Recording Custom drums for what is promised to be an inspiring performance, streamed live by Red Bull from their studios in London.

The live stream happened on Thursday, October 19th - but you can relive it HERE! 

About Alfa Mist: Growing up in Newham, East London, Alfa Mist began his musical journey as a grime and hip hop producer. The self-taught pianist and sometimes rapper soon found himself drawn to the jazz, world music and film soundtracks he discovered through sampling. His sound blends melancholy jazz harmony with alternative hip-hop and soul. We caught up with Alfa in Sleeper Sounds Studio, London, to learn about his background and inspirations - plus take the opportunity to get a session in with his new Yamaha MONTAGE:

Along with Alfa Mist will be drummer Yussef Dayes. Yussef Dayes began his musical journey listening to his dad’s jazz records, and performing with his brothers from age 4. He’s gone on to study with the legendary Billy Cobham, and began regular gigging with his brothers in cosmically-inclined, Afrobeat outfit United Vibrations. Check out Yussef Dayes below:

Again, the event has happened - but you can experience this amazing performance HERE Get a sneak peak at the duo in action & learn more about the concept, instruments and event below:

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