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Behind the Synth: Howard Massey Chat

Blake and Nate chat with noted author, Howard Massey. 
Behind the Synth showcases the people bringing you Yamaha synthesizers. In this episode we chat with keyboardist, producer, and author Howard Massey. Howard literally wrote the book on digital FM. His first two books were “The Complete DX7” and “The Complete DX7II.”

Beyond synths, Howard is also an authority on music recording and production. "Behind the Glass" features interviews with the world’s leading record producers. Howard also co-authored "Here, There and Everywhere" with legendary Beatles engineer, Geoff Emerick. 

Howard recently finished the FM 101 article series. This series is among the best writing on FM Synthesis we've ever seen. As the author of the DX7 opuses from the 80s he had this to say about writing FM 101 and MONTAGE: "I had not had an opportunity to work with MONTAGE before this project and it was fascinating seeing how far along the technology has come since the 80s. There is much more power and flexibility, but the basics of FM are the basics of FM-that doesn't change."

Check out our chat with Howard Massey below.

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