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Behind the Synth: Simone Capitani And Emanuele Parravicini (Camelot Pro/Audio Modeling)

Nate and Blake interview the brains behind Camelot Pro and SWAM!
With an intro like that you might be wondering...is there a sword in a stone, or some other type of magic involved in this interview? Well, if you have seen how Camelot Pro brings an entire MIDI rig together you might wonder if magic is employed. Nate and Blake had an opportunity to chat with Simone Capitani and Emanuele Parravicini, the developers of Camelot Pro, and discuss their background, their company and more! Check out this episode of "Behind the Synth" below: 

Camelot Pro is so cool that we've partnered with them! Yamaha Synthesizer owners can download Camelot Pro, use it free of charge for three months and then buy a full license for 40% off! Go here for more information!

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