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Behind the Synth: YC-45D Retrospective

Nate and Blake explore the YC-45D combo organ.
The YC-45D appeared in 1972 as the flagship of the YC line introduced in 1969 with the YC10. YC is short for "Yamaha Combo" with the The "D" in the name referencing dual manuals. The top manual has 61 keys, the lower has 42 treble keys and 19 bass keys.  At 132 lbs/60 kg you might need some help getting it to the gig but once there you had quite the instrument to play. Below is the YC-45D, complete with the tiltable stand and single octave bass pedal unit:
Nate and Blake explored the YC-45D in the Synth Space and connected it to a Line 6 HX Stomp for some cool effect processing. Check it out:

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