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Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Five Special Performances

Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Five Special Performances
Uber talented musicians with Yamaha synths - in Italy! Bellisimo! Join us for this full wrap up of our Synthbits from Soundmit 2017 . . . 
Álvaro Gandul and Manuele Montesanti collaborate for a soulful, gospel infused performance:

We also had the opportunity to have a solo performance from Álvaro Gandul:

Programmer, keyboardist and all around Renaissance man, Manuele Montesanti, gave us a special segment:

The incredible Moira Muñoz provides her unique sounds using new and classic synths:

And Hans-Peter Henkel introduces us to his take on FM synthesis - and be sure to grab the great FM-X sound library "FM-Xperience" from Easy Sounds here:

Share your thoughts on these tasty bits of Synth - join the conversation on the Forum here.

And stay tuned for more Synthbits to come!
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Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Álvaro Gandul and Manue...

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