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Superbooth18: Hans-Peter Henkel

Superbooth18: Hans-Peter Henkel
Sound designer and MONTAGE expert Hans-Peter Henkel talks FM Synthesis at Superbooth18.

Hans-Peter (HaPe) is a master MONTAGE programmer and has created some amazing pure FM-X Performances. In his hands, the realtime control parameters are expertly programmed to get musically compelling sounds instantly. HaPe demonstrates the sonic power of the FM-X engine in the video below:

For an amazing set of Performances, check out Easy Sounds FM-Xperience Performance Library for MONTAGE. It is a great sounding, useful addition to your MONTAGE - and you can get a taste with the free MONTAGE Expanded Performance Library.

To see all the videos from Superbooth18 check out the YamahaSynths Facebook Page. Come back soon for more videos from Superbooth18. In the meantime, have questions/comments? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
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