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Superbooth18: Moira Muñoz

Superbooth18: Moira Muñoz
The wonderful Moira returns to Superbooth with the unique VKB-100 Vocaloid Synthesizer.

Moira Muñoz put on a great performance at Superbooth last year. This year she stepped up her game and included a rare VKB-100 Vocaloid Synthesizer. Based on Vocaloid voice synthesis technology, the monophonic VKB-100 "sings" with Japanese syllabic tones ("onsetsu" in Japanese). The VKB-100 is only available in Japan but you can get a taste of it below in Moira's performance. In it she uses the MOXF6, reface CS, reface DX and her circuit-bent vintage RX21 and RX17 drum machines. The VKB-100 is being processed by effects from the MOXF6 in the video below. Moira is wearing the "superhero" mask she uses in her live shows for Superbooth! Stay tuned for an interview with Moira coming soon. In the meantime check out a performance from a real Spanish musical superhero below:

Superbooth18: Álvaro Gandul
Superbooth18: Richard Devine

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