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Tech Talk: MODX+ Arpeggios Part I

Finding, using and customizing Arpeggios

Historically, synthesizer arpeggiators take chord input and arpeggiate the notes in a handful of different ways. MODX+ (including MODX, MONTAGE as well as MOTIF and MOXF) Arpeggios go far beyond this traditional function. Yamaha Arpeggios generate chords, send controller data, create realistic guitar strums, bass lines, keyboard comping and more. With over 10,000 Preset Arpeggios to choose from, you can use them to add drum grooves, create rhythmic chord patterns and quickly record a complete multitrack section.

The next Tech Talk is the start of a three-part Arpeggio series. Part one covers finding, using and customizing Preset Arpeggios. Part two explores recording Arpeggios internally and externally and part three focuses on creating User Arpeggios.

Fleurie on MODX+
MODX+ Introduction Video

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