Global Stage: Nahre Sol

Nahre Sol plays MONTAGE M.

By Blake Angelos

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Nahre Sol is a classically trained pianist, composer, and YouTuber with over 650,000 subscribers. Her channel description, “In pursuit of musical creativity, inspired by the past and present”, perfectly describes her content. She explores different musical genres from her classical perspective, analyzes the melodic and harmonic vocabulary of great composers, offers solid practice advice, and shares her engaging compositions. We’ve featured Nahre Sol in several YamahaSynth articles here. Her world class musicianship shines in everything she produces, and in June 2023 the world-renowned Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany announced Nahre Sol as its first-ever ‘Creator in Residence’ for the 2023-2024 season.

Check out Nahre Sol’s captivating MONTAGE M Global Stage Performances below:

Empty Rituals

Note: Check out her technique and control as she plays the MONTAGE M8x. It wonderfully underscores the precision of the GEX action. She stays in contact with the keyboard and easily restrikes notes without completely lifting her fingers.

Salad Music
Alice in Wonderland

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