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Global Stage: Lutz Krajenski

Lutz Krajenski performs live with YC61.
You might remember Lutz Krajenski's video tour of the classic YC25D combo organ. Lutz returns with a set of live YC61 Stage Keyboard performances.

The first video features Lutz using the 73 Studio E.Piano in Keys A with 5th Lead in Keys B set as a very subtle split. Check out his how he brings in Auto Wah and Phaser effects along with the H2 Organ as a cool pad:

Lutz shows off YC Series' synth power with a cool performance called “Lutz+FM=Love”. He plays the synth lead Voice “Funky Mini” in Keys B. The F4 organ and the synth pad Voice “Nowhere” uses the Slicer effect providing a nice groove. And check out how he uses the drawbars and the single knob filter to adjust the timbre of the sound:

Lest we not forget: Lutz Krajenski is an accomplished organist. Check out his “Organ Flute” performance below, and dig the addition of the Vibraphone Voice in the middle of this swinging ditty:

Want to know more about Lutz? Check out the interview below:

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