Introducing MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5

You’ll love the new features in Yamaha MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS 2.5. This new update takes MONTAGE and MODX to a new level with the new Smart Morph feature, improvements to the Performance Pattern Sequencer and overall workflow improvements! Get this free update for your MONTAGE or MODX at the links below: Get […]

You’ll love the new features in Yamaha MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS 2.5. This new update takes MONTAGE and MODX to a new level with the new Smart Morph feature, improvements to the Performance Pattern Sequencer and overall workflow improvements! Get this free update for your MONTAGE or MODX at the links below:

Both updates contain a “Read Me” file explaining the update process. Like all things computer-related, please make sure you make a Backup file before you install the latest OS.

Let’s talk a look at all the sound, control and workflow upgrades to MONTAGE AND MODX.

Sound Enhancements

Smart Morph

Smart Morph is a unique and powerful sound creation feature for FM-X sounds. Powered by a sophisticated machine learning process, Smart Morph creates an interactive morphing map from up to eight FM-X sounds. The result of each Smart Morph is over a thousand FM-X sounds laid out on a 32 x 32 grid. You can morph between these sounds, use the Super Knob to go between any two points or save any single one you like. You can quickly create new FM-X sounds, real time morphing pads, cool and engaging special effects and more.

The image below shows the Smart Morph Performance “Hydra Drone”, a Smart Morph created from 7 FM-X sounds. Touching on the white points reveals a sound closest to the associated Part. Points in between are variations created by the Smart Morph process:

The Smart Morph Play grid is 32 x 32, meaning that there are a total of 1024 possible points on the Map. If you like the sound on a particular point just save as a new Performance. Smart Morph makes it easy to create new and interesting FM-X sounds quickly and easily.

You can also “play” this map from the touchscreen or use the Super Knob to move between any two points, and you can access the Smart Morph Play grid directly from the Performance Home screen thanks to a newly added “View” screen:


The result is staggering amounts of interesting and interactive new sound.

32 New Smart Morph Performances

Thirty-two New Performances using Smart Morph have been added to MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5. Sixteen of them can be found in the new Preset Live Set “Best of V3.5”:

It’s easy to find all of the Performances in Category Search, thanks to a new Smart Morph selection in “Attribute”:

Want to check out the new Performances? Check out the Synth Demos below:

MONTAGE/MODX Compatibility Enhancements

MONTAGE OS v3.5, adds the ability to load MODX User (.X8U) and Library (.X8L) files. This enhances cross-compatibility between MONTAGE and MODX. Now User and Library files are interchangeable, perfect for musicians that have to go between MONTAGE and MODX.


Control Enhancements

MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5 have some a few control enhancements that are very useful.

(MODX OS v2.5) DAW Remote

DAW Remote was added to MONTAGE in a previous update. Now MODX OS v2.5 adds DAW control of Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live & ProTools. You can use MODX physical controls and screen to control your DAW transport, track status (select/mute/solo), effects and virtual instrument plug-ins. There’s also a hybrid mode allowing simultaneous MONTAGE/MODX editing along with DAW transport control. Stay tuned for more information about this important update to MODX.

Footswitch 2 Tap Tempo Assign

MONTAGE OS v3.5 adds the ability to assign Tap Tempo to Footswitch 2. This is great for hands-free tempo delay, Arpeggio, Pattern Sequencer or Motion Sequence synchronization:

Direct Control Improvements in Utility

You can now touch directly on signal flow graphics under UTILITY-Audio I/O and MIDI I/O. Check it out below:

MONTAGE/MODX Connect Improvements

MONTAGE and MODX Connect are Apps that work in both standalone and as VST and AU components within DAWs. In addition to bidirectional Performance recall and Song transfer, the latest version adds the ability to transfer Patterns into a DAW like Cubase. Start your work on MONTAGE/MODX, finish it within your DAW. MONTAGE/MODX Connect makes it easy!


This is a really nice feature and improves the connection between MONTAGE/MODX and your DAW. Get the apps at the links below:



GET MODX Connect:


Improved Pitch Bend Resolution

Pitch Bend resolution has been improved both internally and from and external controller. It is smoother and just responds better.

Workflow Enhancements

MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5 feature big workflow enhancements in the Performance Pattern Sequencer. The improvements dramatically improve workflow and the overall operation is smoother and faster. Check out the improvements below!

Add Parts During Record

This is one of my favorite enhancements! You can now add additional Parts while recording a Scene. This feature works great with Record Rehearse mode, where you can engage Record, press the [RECORD] button so it blinks (indicating Rehearse mode) and rehearse what you are going to record before actually recording it. You can start with a drum groove, drop into record rehearse, press Category Search and try out bass sounds, find one you like…and NEVER drop out of Record. This greatly enhances creativity and overall flow! Check out the dedicated article on this feature for more details.

Real-time Overdub of Controller Data

Before this OS update re-recording controller data—especially Super Knob movement—was somewhat challenging. Not so with MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5. You can now simply overdub controllers and replace the original data during the recording process.

Improved Erase Event Job

Say you just want to erase a specific event from a track but not the note data. The new Erase Event Job allows this in a single job. This is great for MONTAGE owners who want to delete unwanted aftertouch data from a track, or specific system exclusive messages. Check it out:

Improved Get Phrase Job

Get Phrase is a great Job for people who want to grab a section from a MIDI file and import it into a Pattern Scene. For people who do remixes it makes this process easy. Say you have 8 tracks from measures 17-32 of a Song that you want to copy into a Pattern Scene. Before this OS update you could only do this on a per-track basis. Now you can select all tracks and in a single go.

Improved Normalize Play FX

Play FX are non-destructive quantize settings you can engage on a track by track basis. They are great for trying out different feels, making straight-time grooves swing, transposing tracks and more—all without actually changing the sequenced track unless you execute the “Normalize” job. Before MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5 the Normalize job applied to the all Scenes in the Pattern. Now you can Normalize on a per-Scene basis. This is great for trying our different feels in a single Pattern:


New Pattern Chain Play

Pattern Chain allows you to create a linear arrangement of Scenes so they play in a pre-determined order. Previously the only way to access and use Pattern Chain was in the Edit/Job menu, and the primary use was to covert a Pattern Chain to a linear Song. Now this feature better implemented and easier to use in MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5. Once you have created a Pattern Chain you can use it without converting to a Song with a convenient “Chain” selection in the main Pattern screen. You can even register a Pattern Chain in the Live Set:

Undo/Redo Accessibility On Any Page

This simple enhancement greatly improves overall workflow. Before the only way to undo or redo an action was via “Edit/Job” every time. Now you’ll find “Undo/Redo” on any page:


This new OS update is great! Be sure to save a Backup file before updating if you have content that you want to keep (You’ll be able to reload after the update). Keep checking for more articles and videos about MONTAGE OS v3.5 and MODX OS v2.5.

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