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Synthbits: 10 Ultra Famous Piano Riffs with MODX (Dr. Mix)

Not just famous- but 10 ULTRA famous - piano riffs played on MODX6 from Dr. Mix!
Direct from London comes this great video from Dr. Mix. In under 7 minutes he shows you 10 piano riffs sure to bring down the house at ANY holiday get together. Bonus points to anyone who spots the following items in the video:
  • A set of legendary Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors.
  • A cool skull spinning on a turntable.
  • A cabasa.
  • A set of ringless pinky fingers.
  • BONUS: A SECOND cool skull not spinning on a turntable. 
While you are searching enjoy this great video:

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And stay tuned for more sweet bits of Synth to come!
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