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Sound Talking, Sound Thinking: The MODX Brackett Performance Collection

The last and best installment of Scott's "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking" series!
You may be wondering, "Why is this the best installment of Scott Brackett's epic 'Sound Talking, Sound Thinking' series? The first one on the MODX A/D Input and the second one on Audio Beat Syncronization were EPIC!"

The answer: THIS one includes a super cool collection of 16 Performances created by Scott along with the 40 minute video below that explains how they work, how you can use them and great commentary by The Brackett himself. Download the MODX Brackett Performance Collection here and check out "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking: Fireside Edition" below:

Check out the previous videos in the "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking" series:

Audio Beat Sync with Scott Brackett
MODX A/D Input and Workflow

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