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Spotlight on DOMi: MODX8 Livestream Performance

Check out DOMi playing the MODX8 live from Yamaha Artist Services NYC during the MODX Launch Event.
After the introduction of MODX with Blake Angelos and Dom Sigalas, DOMi kicked off the MODX Launch Event on September 14th with a captivating performance on the MODX8. She began with a beautiful improvised solo piano piece highlighting the gorgeous CFX Concert Grand Performance in MODX. She later showed off her remarkable keyboard chops playing along with some self produced tracks. DOMi is a remakable musician and we are honored to have her as an artist. We look forward to hearing a lot more from DOMi in the future! DOMi's performance begins at the 4 minute mark: 

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Spotlight on DOMi: The Pianist and MODX8
Spotlight on DOMi: Yamaha Synthesizer Artist DOMi

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