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Spotlight on Nicholas Semrad: MODX Livestream Performance

Check out Nicholas Semrad playing MODX7 with The Lesson GK, live fom Yamaha Artist Services NYC.
Nicholas Semrad and The Lesson GK put on a great show during the MODX Livestream Event on September 14. The groove from drummer Lenny "The Ox" Reece and bassist David Cutler provided an amazing underscore for Nick to sail over.

Nick uses the MODX7 realtime controls in an engaging and musical way. Note how he controls effect sends, filter and evelope as he plays. His incredlibly expressive pitchbend technique is so cool (He discusses this in the interveiw after the performance) and his use of compressor sidechaining to achieve a "produced" effect in a live setting is really unique. Check out the performance and interview with Nicholas Semrad and The Lesson GK below:

For more about Nicholas Semrad see his NAMM 2018 interview where he discusses his music, his work with The Lesson GK and his keyboard technique.
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