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Greg Spero, Halsey's Keyboardist and Sound Designer, Praises Yamaha Montage

Greg Spero, Halsey's Keyboardist and Sound Designer, Praises Yamaha Montage
With an expressive touch, keen awareness of melody and remarkable technique, Greg Spero is a talented pianist and keyboardist. He has performed with a diverse range of musicians, including: Arturo Sandoval; Corey Wilkes; and, former Miles Davis collaborator and music director, Robert Irving III. Additionally, he has co-produced tracks with producer Ski Beatz (Jay Z), and, Shock G (Digital Underground) - and is currently the keyboardist and sound designer for Halsey. Greg recently had a chance to experience Montage and was very impressed.

"The Yamaha Montage takes synthesis to the next level. The sounds are the best I've heard yet in any synthesizer. The versatility and layering capability is unprecedented, and the new user interface makes it easy to access all the sounds and effects I need in complicated performance settings."

Greg recently recorded a video exploring the capabilities of the new Yamaha Montage synthesizer. He plays some truly beautiful musical examples highlighting the pianos, electronic pianos, complex layered sounds, pads, leads and the vocoder effect.

For more info on Greg including tour dates and projects, check out his website here.

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We've also just had the opportunity to have a deeper conversation with Greg about his music and MONTAGE - check it out here.
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