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Mastering MONTAGE: The Envelope Follower - Video Lesson

Mastering MONTAGE: The Envelope Follower - Video Lesson
The Envelope Follower feature is a powerful and creative way to use an external audio source with your MONTAGE. This video session provides additional information to the Mastering MONTAGE 11: Envelope Follower lesson.

Any parameter available within the Motion Control system is routable to the Envelope Follower and the resulting rhythmic textures are remarkable. In this short video, Product Specialist Blake Angelos and Yamaha Drums Product Marketing Manager Steve Fisher (playing the DTX Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad) reveal the secrets of the Envelope Follower. Enjoy!

Join the conversation about this video lesson and the Envelope Follower on the Forum here.

And stay tuned for more Mastering MONTAGE!
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