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Mastering MONTAGE: Inside the Performance Video Series

Mastering MONTAGE: Inside the Performance Video Series
Your MONTAGE can meticulously re-create the expressive sound of the Yamaha CFX 9' concert grand piano. How? Learn that and more in this 4-part video series on MONTAGE Music Synthesizer Performances with Blake Angelos, Yamaha Product Specialist.

Part I: Single Instrument, Multi-Part Performance concept inside the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer

This video explores the MONTAGE Performance, “CFX Concert”- a meticulous re-creation of the Yamaha CFX 9' concert grand piano. Blake discusses how each Part of the Performance reproduces exceptional dynamic and expressive sound: 

Part II: The Super Knob

The Super Knob is a powerful macro control of the MONTAGE Motion Control Synthesis engine. Blake discusses how the Super Knob simulates proximity effect on the MONTAGE Performance “CFX Concert”. This is done by moving multiple parameters at the same time for a musical, dynamic and expressive result:

Part III: Introducing Gallery Performances

Gallery Performances provide a “Gallery” or “collection” of instruments running into a single amp - or - the same instrument running into a variety of amps. ”Gallery Performances can utilize different Parts of a Performance as different instruments or they can contain different versions of the same instrument. In this video, Blake highlights the Gallery Performance “Rd 1 Gallery”, a 5-Part Performance with four different historical iterations of the Rhodes™ electronic piano. The video also shows how the Audition button provides insight on using a Performance:

Part IV: Gallery Performances and Scenes

Blake shows how Scenes can select and mute Parts in a Gallery Performance. Exploring the “8 Amps and a TC” Performance, he shows how each Part has different effects applied to the same guitar. Blake also explores his User Performance “Blake’s Gig Gallery.” This Performance has typical gig instruments assigned to each Part and selectable via the Scene buttons – perfect for playing an entire gig in a single Performance:

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