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Synths 1974: CS80 vs. MONTAGE with Dom Sigalas and Katsunori Ujiie (Japanese)

Check out the videos from Dom and Ujiie on the legendary CS80 and MONTAGE White!

The CS80 is the very definition of MASSIVE: Massive sounding, massive in size at over 200 lbs (90 kgs) and massively desired by synth enthusiasts worldwide. Released over 40 years ago, the CS80 features set was impressve with 8 voice polyphony, polyphonic aftertouch, 2 high-pass and low-pass filters, ring modulator and a cool ribbon controller. Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Rick Wakeman and Vangelis are just a few of the artists who have used the CS80 in their music. In the videos below from Dom Sigalas and Katsunori Ujiie, you'll notice remarkable sound quality and expressiveness are two guiding principles that link the CS80 and MONTAGE:

Katsunori Ujiie's video (Japanese):

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