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Michael Patrick: Yamaha Ginza Store and Innovation Road Live Performances

Check out some orchestral improvisation and on-the-fly groove creation from Michael Patrick.
We'd already become great friends by the time Michael sat down for his live stream performances at the Yamaha Ginza Store and Innovation Road performance stage. We'd heard him play some very cool piano and electric piano things back in the green room and thought he'd play something along those lines....

But when the camera started rolling we didn't expect the breathtaking orchestral improvisation he laid down at the Ginza Store. We loved it so much that he created a longer version for Innovation Road. In both videos he showed that you can build a groove Part-by-Part and never drop out of record with the new Pattern Sequencer in MONTAGE OS v3.0. In both videos he came up with tasty hooks that could be the basis for a hit song. Check out the videos below and check out the musicianship of Michael Patrick.

Yamaha Ginza Store:

Innovation Road:

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