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It’s a commonly quoted feature of the MX Music Synthesizers that they share over 1100 sounds with the legendary MOTIF synth library. The big question then arises…so…WHERE are they in the keyboard?

Actually, there are so many of them Yamaha placed them in a variety of categories (of course), so they are not all in one place. The MOTIF (original MOTIF, MOTIF ES, MOTIF XS, and MOTIF XF) also had Voices and Performances that were made of layers and splits - some of them even tied to drum grooves.

So, how does one call up some of those great sounds, get additional cool layers and splits, and more?

Enter the B.O.M.B 2 sound sets for MX music synthesizers:There is a separate download for each of the MX synthesizer models (MX49, MX61, and MX88). The download is FREE and can be downloaded here. The downloaded file folder will be named “mx-best-of-MOTIF-bank-2-bomb-2”.

Inside that folder will be a folder named “Best of MOTIF Bank 2” containing three files:*
  • BOM2MX49.X5A: The MX49 volume features lead, bass, brass, strings and other sounds designed for "one-hand play" or "one-hand play, one-hand tweak".
  • BOM2MX61.X5A: The MX61 volume is optimized for playing organs, pads and strings/brass splits for the live performer needing "top keyboard" sounds in a two-keyboard rig.
  • BO2MX88.X5A: The MX88 volume has a piano focus with acoustic and electric pianos, bass/keyboard splits, piano/electric piano layers - and so on, plus a PDF list of the sounds and details named ”MX B.O.M.B 2 pack list.pdf”
*Even though each volume is optimized for a particular MX, you can use any volume in any MX.

To load the file into your MX:

  • Place any of the files “BOM2MX49, BOM2MX61, BOM2MX88” onto the root directory of a USB flash drive or storage device.
  • Push the [FILE] button on your MX Music Synthesizer.
  • Use the Arrow Buttons to select FILE 02:LOAD.

Someone's finger pressing
Screenshot showing FILE 02:Load
  • Use the [DATA DIAL] or [DEC/NO] [INC/YES] buttons to select the file you wish to load and push [ENTER].
  • Push [ENTER] again to select FILE LOAD TYPE=ALL
Someone moving dial while screen shows File Load and file number.
Screen showing File Load Type = A11.
  • Push [INC/YES] to begin loading.

Upon completion, push the [SELECT] button to view the Performance menu. You can use the [DATA DIAL] or [DEC/NO] [INC/YES] buttons to select which Performance you want to play. You can use the MX B.O.M.B 2 pack list.pdf for reference:
Someone pressing
Pressing select button while screen shows
Check out the video below for a demo of some of the sounds in the MX BEST OF MOTIF BANK 2 (B.O.M.B 2):

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