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MX Series Quick Tips

Five keys to becoming an MX power user!

The MX has a lot of power under the hood. These five tips cover a range of performance and production features. Check it out!

Add lush pads to your piano sound, or layer strings with a woodwind section for a fuller orchestral sound.

Performance Basics, Part 1:

Need to play bass on your gig? This video shows you how to split the keyboard to do just that.

Performance Basics, Part 2:

Customize your sound with the control knobs.

Performance Basics, Part 3:

Add FM Synthesis to MX with FM Essential, a free iOS FM synth app.

FM Essential:

Connect and record with Cubase AI – a FREE download with all MX Series synths.

Cubase AI:

MONTAGE and Ableton Live Basic Setup: Part I
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Smooth Guitar"

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