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MX88 Quick Tips Video Series: Part V

This 5 part video series by music production pro Hans-Peter Henkel will give you what you need to navigate and connect your MX88.  Although specifically focused on the MX88, this series is applicable to the MX49 and MX61 too. Join Hans-Peter in the final video of MX88 quick tips series . . . 
connecting the MX88 to an iPad and FM Essential, a free FM synthesizer app for the iOS! The app installs as a free version with limited functionality but just connecting to the MX88 unlocks the full version (you will need the Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor and a standard USB cable). Go here to get FM Essential, and check out the video below to see how it works: 

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Synthbits: Hear YouTuber "Keybdwizrd" playing MONT...
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Smooth Guitar"

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