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MX88 Review Roundup

The MX88 feels great, sounds great and features great computer and iOS connectivity at a great price. It’s a great instrument for the modern pianist. Check out some great reviews of MX88! (Can you tell we think it’s great too?!)

Keyboard Magazine: “The Yamaha MX88 is perhaps the best “basic” do-it-all keyboard I’ve tried yet, and there’s a reason I’m putting “basic” in quotes. The combination of premium sounds, weighted action a Juilliard student could take seriously, and studio-friendly features adds up to something that will beckon those new to electronic keyboards. Yet, it’s sonically solid enough that pros might want one to take to gigs and studio dates.” – Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine
Ask.Audio: “This keyboard is an excellent piece of gear to add to any gigging pianist’s collection. If this is a ‘first keyboard’ for a fresh face in the performing world, it’s an excellent choice. If you own a synth like the Montage and want to have a keyboard that is super lightweight, can call up sounds ultra-quickly, and is dead simple to use, look no further than the MX88.” – Matt Vanacoro, Ask.Audio.com 

Worship Musician.com: “Clearly, there’s lots to rave about with the MX88. Spend some time playing it and I think you’ll agree that the great library of sounds and the great feeling GHS action result in a keyboard that can help you fulfill your musical and creative ideas on your worship team.” – Ed Kerr, Worshipmusican.com  

Music Radar: “All things considered, the MX88 is a great no-nonsense bread-and-butter ’board with some great sounds and very handy features. It will particularly appeal to those after their first serious studio or live weighted-action board, and it covers a lot of ground very competently." – Dan Goldman, musicrader.com

: "...the keyboard's sounds and weighted-key action are that of far more expensive synthesizers. The instrument ships with more than 1,000 voices (instrument sounds) from the company's more expensive Motif series of keyboards. Quantity is great, but quality is far more important for a musician and the MX88 delivers with its piano and organ re-creations." - Roberto Baldwin, engadget.com

Performer: "It’s not just the grand sounds that are intriguing; you’ve got tons of guitar, bass, synth and other classic Yamaha keyboard sounds, as well. And of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ve got 128-note polyphony, iOS integration for you mobile recorders, and even specially coated keys that absorb all your gross (OK, all of OUR gross) finger moisture after long sessions. - Benjamin Ricci, Performermag.com

What about you? Have you had a chance to check out the MX88 and want to share your thoughts? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
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