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Synthbits Special Edition: Anomalie Live Performance

This week we have a bonus Synthbit from the amazing Anomalie!
This video was too cool not to share asap so this week we have a SynthBit Special Edition: A live video from Anomalie and his band live at Spincoaster Music Bar in Tokyo with Anomalie on MONTAGE and his second keyboard player on MX61. The team responsible for the production is called Tokyo Sounds and a cool aspect of the audio is the use of a binaural head mic:

Screen Shot 2019 02 15 at 11.04.27 AM

This system uses ultra high end microphones placed in the ears of the dummy head. They are often used for audio analysis (for example, in a luxury car to test interior noise). Binaural head mics also have the added benefit of creating a hyper realistic audio experience with headphones. It makes you feel like you are right there in the room with the band! Watch the video below with headphones or earbuds to experience the magic of a binaural microphone recording: 

Check out Anomalie's artist page here.

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