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Synthbits: The EPIC 1995 History of Yamaha Synthesizers Video

Synthbits: The EPIC 1995 History of Yamaha Synthesizers Video
This is less of a Synthbits and more of a HUGE Synthbite!

We uncovered this video from 1995 featuring interviews and product demonstrations from the Yamaha synthesizer development team. Ok - it's in Japanese with no subtitles - but as we all share the common language of creativity in sound, you can still enjoy this opportunity to hear a variety of vintage Yamaha synths being played.  The video is a little over an hour and a half of cool demonstrations of classic Yamaha synthesizers. Catch the following amazing sounds from these classic synths at these time points in the video:

* YC-45D (4:00)
GX-1 (13:12)
CS-80 (24:35)
CS-15D (35:52)
* CS-01 (36:29)
* GS-1 (39:57 )
DX-1 (107:00) 

Enjoy this tasty buffet of vintage Synths! And stay tuned for more Synthbits.

In the meantime, join the conversation about this Synthbits at the Forum here.
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