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Expanding reface

Here’s are some ways to expand your new reface

Thanks again for purchasing reface. This guide is designed to help you find resources for expanding your instrument.


Get the most out of your reface with OS updates, our articles on YamahaSynth.com and free sounds at Soundmondo, our social sound sharing network. Best yet, all of these are free! Check out the details below.


There are OS updates available for each reface model along with different updaters for Mac and PC. Select the link below for your model and OS:




Check out Updater Guide in the download package for update instructions.


  • reface DX Owners: Want to get deeper with FM Synthesis? Check out this article series from the YamahaSynth FM Synthesis Collection, Manny’s Modulation Manifesto. This seven-part series covers FM Synthesis basics and shows how to create specific sounds like leads, pads and basses.
  • reface CS Owners: Your instrument is a great way to learn about classic subtractive synthesis. Want to know more about that topic? Check out this great article series on YamahaSynth, Subtractive 101. This three part series has lots of great information along with sound examples.


Check out the reface category on YamahaSynth.com to get the most out of your reface. You’ll find lots of video content, interesting articles and more.


Soundmondo is a free social sound sharing service that allows users to discover new sounds, share their own sounds and organize sounds. There are thousands of sounds available for reface CS, DX, CP and YC. You can access Soundmondo in the follow ways:

  • On Mac, PC and Android, you can access Soundmondo through the Google Chrome web browser available here. You must use this browser because it has a specific API called WebMIDI that allows you to connect your reface to the computer via USB directly.
  • iOS users can download the Soundmondo app here. You will need an Apple Lightning to USB Adaptor or USB C to USB connector to connect to your iOS device.
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