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Reface Capture 2.0 and Reface OS Update 1.3!

Reface Capture 2.0 and Reface OS Update 1.3!
Announcing Reface Capture Version 2.0 for iOS and Reface OS 1.3!

Reface Capture Version 2.0 for iOS! This great new update now supports direct Soundmondo.com connectivity from the app! Sharing and downloading reface Voices through Soundmondo has never been easier! And with the MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI adaptor you can do all this wirelessly without a physical connection. Soundmondo has over 3000 free Voices for reface and it just keeps growing!

Get it at the Apple App store for your iOS device! And check out this cool lifestyle video of Reface users using Soundmondo, Reface Capture 2.0, and enjoying tasty coffee beverages!

Reface OS v1.3 has arrived! This new update adds great new features for all models:
  • ALL models (CP, YC, CS, and DX): Editable Master Tuning, Master Transpose and Selectable MIDI Channel have been added.
  • Reface CS: You can now set up the instrument for use with an expression pedal OR a sustain pedal.
  • Reface CS: You can set the pitch bend range to 2 semitones or 12 semitones.
  • Reface CS and DX: Adds a dedicated click sound to the Looper. The click sound is independent from your panel sound, GREAT for creating loops that use mono lead sounds!
  • Reface YC: You can now toggle between slow and fast rotary speaker speed simply by flicking the rotary control up. This new feature truly streamlines rotary speaker control during live performance.
Get the update for all reface models here!
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