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reface DX MIDI Primer: Setting the MIDI Receive Channel

reface DX MIDI Primer: Setting the MIDI Receive Channel
reface DX MIDI Primer: Setting the MIDI Receive Channel

Page 41 of the Owner's Manual contains instructions on setting the basic conditions for your reface DX. When working with a MIDI sequencer (be it hardware sequencer, like the MOXF or Motif XF, or be it software, like Cubase or other DAW), you will want to setup your reface for MIDI CONTROL = ON. On the reface DX front panel press the [FUNCTION] button twice to advance to screen #2. Default conditions are set so that MIDI CONTROL is set OFF... When communicating with any external device or program you will want set CONTROL = ON.


And in most cases, when working with external sequencers, you will want to turn LOCAL CONTROL = OFF. Please consult the recommendations of your particular sequencer product.

In general, when connecting to an external host device (computer, iOS) you will be using a USB connection. For iOS device connection you will require an Apple Camera Connection Kit adapter. And most likely you will use the standard 5-pin MIDI connection to control the reface DX from an external controller. Both can happen simultaneously.

What you need to know about using the reface DX and MIDI
The reface DX is initially set to OMNI MODE ON (* Receive Channel = ALL) ... This allows the instrument to respond to MIDI data on all MIDI channels (any incoming MIDI channel). There are two methods of connecting the reface via MIDI, either USB-MIDI and/or standard 5-pin MIDI.

The reface DX has a screen and the parameters to set OMNI MODE OFF and to select a MIDI channel are easily found by pressing the [FUNCTION] button repeatedly to advance to Function screen #2.

Change the "RV CH" (Receive Channel) from "ALL" to the desired MIDI Channel, 1-16.

Don't like typing System Exclusive messages?
Below is a link to sixteen one measure MIDI Files that allow you to set a MIDI channel and request a BULK DUMP of the current settings... allowing your sequencer to then receive the current refaceDX Voice data as SYSEX data in the first measure of your sequence.
The files are named according to the MIDI RECEIVE CHANNEL to which it will set your reface DX
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